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Nirals TagTik

TagTik is powered by Internet of Things. It uses a proprietary patent pending technology to detect movement and automatic attendance. It is even smart to detect, if a child carries more than one ID card  or if a child is nearing a unsafe zone and gives a alert to the right people to take necessary action.


Walk with-in 30 to 50 feet of TagTik Satellites, it can detect, if you are entering or exiting the campus and can inform the right people automatically.


Keep certain zones safe and secure. TagTik Satellite modules can alert (sound or notification) when children get closer to say Pool, Terrace, Genset, Well, Bushes etc.


TagTik Satellite when arranged in grids/rooms, can co-ordinate and locate children online. You can even browse to a point of time, to see who were around the place at a given point of time.


Bus Admin can find out who is present in the bus, who is absent (even alert if the child is marked present in school but missing in the bus) on a single click. We have an app for classroom too.


- Smarter Automatic Attendance
- Support for Safe Zone with sound & notifications
- Smart Apps for Bus and Classroom Attendance
- Proxy Attendance Detection
- Live Location and Location History of children on campus
- Integration with Nirals EduNiv
- API to integrate with 3rd party Apps & SMS services

To know more

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